FVWM: Dzen on the Bottom

I had a little fight with FVWM and Dzen2 today. I tried to get Dzen to stay underneath my windows, and tried a couple of different settings, until i came up with something that works.

Dzen needs to be started with the

   1  -dock

command line option.

That was the easy part.

Now we need to define some custom style rules in FVWM. Using the -dock option makes FVWM put a titlebar and borders on the dzen windows, and actually starts treating them like normal windows (as opposed to them being treated as dock windows when not using the -dock option :S )

So this code snippet removes those bars, makes them behave more like dock windows again, and fixes them on the bottom layer:

   1  Style "dzen" NoTitle, NoHandles, BorderWidth 0
   2  Style "dzen" WindowListSkip, Sticky, ClickToFocus
   3  Style "dzen" Layer 0, StaysOnBottom

Cal 2011.06.14

Tag FVWM dzen